How and Why become a Data analyst
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How and Why become a Data analyst

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Data is all around us. We used to store data on papers, but now we store it in minute chips and databases, and hence we need data scientists for the job. Before going into depth, let us first know the basics. Who is a data analyst? What does a data analyst do, and how exactly did it become an intriguing career option?


In simple words, a data analyst’s sole purpose is retrieving/collecting data, extracting important information, and arriving at meaningful conclusions. Data analysts are almost in every industry, beginning with healthcare, retail, insurance companies, marketing, technical industries. Even large tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and many more employ top data analysts for advertising or analytical purposes. So it’s high-paid job. Visit here for more more information Data Science Training in Pune


The effect of a pandemic on employment is no hidden story. It sure has affected the technical and IT sectors, but not as much as the other sectors. The key reason being, companies are trying to increase the demand and retain customers. Industries have started investing in data science to get solutions to their lack of demand in the market. For example, since the pandemic, almost everything is at our fingertips, and data science is key. From online transactions to money transfers, from ordering food to watching new releases on OTT platforms, everything is online, from education to shopping. So, in a very strange and good way, the pandemic has created a huge career path for data scientists and created many job opportunities.


The top skills required by a data analyst are:

1. SQL (Structured Query Language): It’s a standardized programming language that communicates with databases.

2. Statistical programming languages like C, C++, or Python to analyze large datasheets. Though there’s no need to master programming, basics are a requirement. So make sure to have a little knowledge of a few programming languages, and you are good to go.

3. Data Visualization

4. Machine Learning

5. Problem-solving: It’s a key to data science, and as a data scientist, you need to have accurate problem-solving skills in statistics, probability, quizzes and puzzles, and basic mathematics.

6. Research

7. Writing and Communication: These skills would help you in many ways to crack interviews and get you your dram and high paid job. Know more about Data Science Training in Chennai


As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most intriguing career options and is among the highly paid career options. And the growth of the career path is also increasing significantly. So if you’re willing to choose a career in the data science sector, you need correct knowledge to beat the growing competition, i.e., professional training. If you’re out of college and a graduate or a student wanting to explore more and create opportunities for yourself, you need a proper certification.

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It’s never too late to learn. You can check lots and lots of YouTube lectures or read books like Python for data analysts by Wes McKinney and SQL quick start guides. But the best way would be to take up a course on Udemy, Coursera, W3 Schools that provide proper certification and high-level education. Choose data analytics training in Hyderabad that is best for you.


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