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Manuscript Submission Process:

Kindly ensure that your answer to each of the following questions is in the affirmative before continuing with the submission process. 

  • Do you have the email addresses of all the co-authors of the manuscript?
  • Do you know that the citation in the body of your manuscript should be in-text reference citations and not number citation? For example, birth rate (Vicky, 2010; John and Rose, 2003) showed that a minimum of 21-hour is needed…Kelly and Kelvin (2000) revealed that:
  • Do you have the manuscript file in Microsoft Word format with the tables and figures integrated in the manuscript body?
  • Do you agree with all the terms of World Academic Research Journals Copywrite License Agreement?
  • Please provide the names, titles, and affiliations of all the authors of this manuscript, in the order that they appear on the manuscript.  

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